BetCRIS Foundation for the Sport in the Communities

BetCRIS Foundation is a nonprofit organization sponsored by BetCRIS Venezuela. It was formally created on September 8, 2008, as the materialization of an initiative that was developed in many years as the organization BetCRIS consolidated in the Venezuelan market. Thus, they have a greater chance to support and benefit different communities for their development.

With the presence of their shops in different states of the country, the BetCRIS Foundation has been supporting various sporting institutions in the areas of staffing and training. Also it is contributing to education through a scholarship program.

BetCRIS Foundation for the Sport in the Communities

Supporting the National Sports

From the directive staff, BetCRIS is committed to expand its contribution horizons to every place in which the organization is present, the BetCRIS Foundation also have a positive impact wherever it is.

General purpose. Provide a copy sponsorship to different equipment, people and sports, educational and health organizations to contribute responsibly to the integral development of society.

Specific objectives.

  • Sponsor several sporting events nationwide to help increase the integration of children and youth in sports.
  • Expand economic and human support in the areas of training, education and health to new popular areas nationwide.
  • Encourage attendance to sporting activities in popular areas in which the foundation provides assistance.
  • Participate in local, regional and national sporting events.

The allies of BetCRIS Foundation are:

  • Catia Soccer Club
  • Santa Cruz Kicking ball
  • Cristo Te Ama Soccer School
  •  Guerreros de Dios Basket School
  • Tomjum Colina Foundation
  • Tiro Libre Soccer Club
  • Frank Dominguez Soccer School
  • San José de Chirica KKBC Club

Catia Soccer Club.

In the capital, the BetCRIS Foundation is present in the Libertador municipality, specifically in the Brisas de Propatria sector, Sucre Distric. The Club Santa Cruz has educated children and adolescents over 47 years in sport terms, in different categories of the football field. Its main objective is the development of sport among children and adolescents, to promote healthy living values, solidarity, integrity and partnership to achieve its objectives.

The latest project carried with the Santa Cruz group of soccer is the creation of a team of this discipline, in order to belong to the first category named Catia Soccer Club. The members come from the Santa Cruz Club and other clubs that play in Sucre District (Catia).

BetCRIS Foundation for the Sport in the Communities

Sports and education

Cristo Te Ama Soccer School

In 2012 BetCRIS initiated a partnership with the soccer team belonging to the Civil Association Center Cultural and Sports “Cristo Te Ama”, directed by Alvaro Garcia. It does its sports activities in Zona Rental and in the region of Barlovento. This team has participated in different championships in the Capital District and Miranda State.

“Guerreros de Dios” Basketball School

Our cooperation with the “Guerreros de Dios” Basketball School, located in the San Bernardino area, began in 2012. This school, founded in 2008, has Semillita, Mini Basketball, Children, Cadets, Youth and Free categories. It serves children from five years. It has three coaches with Erick Lovera as the President of the School. The BetCRIS Foundation has contributed to the provision of sports equipment, uniforms and, since January 2013, a monthly financial contribution.