Rafa Hacker: CSR

Rafa Hacker: Three Easy Steps to Make Great CSR Programs

For many people, Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental aspect when considering which brand or institution deserves their investment, attention and time. A company known for being responsible and committed with the world, the society and the environment will have more chance to be successful. Today, we prepared two easy tips as a recommendation for […]

Rafa Hacker: A committed oil company

IMPORTANT! Oil Drilling: How Odebrecht Makes Efforts for the Environment

Oil drilling is an activity that represents harmful environmental effects. The process of drilling and extracting oil is complex and leaves many opportunities for error or accidents. Also, the piping used to transport and extract oil is made of metals, which can corrode. This corrosion causes pipes to rupture contaminates the land and waters surrounding […]

Rafa Hacker: FundaSitio cares about everyone

Rafa Hacker: Motivating Good Initiatives: 5 Organizations Touched by Fundasitio

The general concept of FundaSitio arises from the clear digital divide between organizations that put all their attention and effort to the service of others and those people or organizations in need. For the organization, concepts of Creation, Strengthening and Multiplication of the presence and the identity in the digital world are the main basis of […]

Rafa Hacker: Connect4climate campaign

IMPORTANT! Loving our Environment: Climate Change Campaigns

Environmental awareness is currently part of the programs and projects of the global agenda of media, companies, press, etc. The world needs more good actions from every participant of our societies and many brands and campaigns know how to act for the well-being of the future. Today, we bring for you some campaigns about climate […]

Rafael Nuñez hacker – Concepts on CSR and its Importance in Today’s Society

Nowadays, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of every project, program and effort of almost all companies recognized for having the best intentions for our society and the environment. Discussing concepts of CSR, reputation, commitment and hard work has become one of the main tasks before starting big and important projects for the well-being of every participant in today’s busy and […]

Rafael Nuñez Aponte and Fundasitio

Amazing! Rafael Nunez and the Social Initiative of Fundasitio

Rafael Nunez, a Venezuelan ethical hacker and entrepreneur, motivated a social initiative in order to promote the dissemination of activities for the welfare of society through the creation of Fundasitio, a jointly work of non-profit organizations and collaborators that set the best spaces to make big contributions. Today, you will know more about this beautiful effort and all the activities related to it. What […]